Ralf Josef

Vox: your voice, your choice

July 2017

This project aims at creating meaningful connections between young, apathetic, potential voters and the current political discussion.


Taking into account how a young generation perceives politics, and where they get their information about it from, ‘vox’ takes insights from their social media accounts to show them how political their profiles actually are – and informs them through their own posts and likes about how they are directly connected to current political topics.

vox analyses your social media shares, likes, views, tweets to give you an accurate prediction of your personal views – a method already proven by the likes of Cambridge University.

vox shows you exactly which of your social media posts relate to which current political discussion.

vox shows you how your views have changed over time – because as individuals, we develop further - expressed by our social media behaviour.

vox creates awareness through letting you see your different prismatic political personalities – because you are a different person on each social media platform.

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