Ralf Josef

Horst Franz Josef

June 2015

in cooperation with:

Laura Sirch,

Sascha Wellm,

and Flavia Renz.

Ideation, conception, implementation of an artist's catalogue, featuring his work as well as the personal background story. Although painting seemingly two-dimensional, the artist makes heavy use of materials and textures not normally used in traditional painting, such as tree bark, branches, industrial packaging, etc. Capturing this plasticity within the space the paintings are being created was the main stylistic approach, turning the questions of layout and design into a dialogue within the artist's studio. The complexity of the artworks demanded for zero stylistic superficial elements, giving the pieces all the attention they deserve.


Photography and consulting by the incandescent Flavia Renz;

Graphic design by the ever so talented Laura Sirch and Sascha Wellm.

c 2018 Ralf Josef